The Dubai Fitness Championship 2014 Concludes

The Dubai Fitness Championship 2014 Concludes

Posted on Sunday, 28th Sep, 2014

And so it’s done for another year! After two grueling weekends during which the Dubai Fitness Championship put its competitors through various fitness paces to eventually find the fittest male and female athlete, the event concluded last night with an epic final event held at Al Wasl Sports Club.

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Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Majid bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the competition, which started with a qualifying day on Thursday, 18th September and took place on the 19th – 20th and 25 – 27th September in Dubai, saw 26 female athletes and 80 male athletes be challenged in a number of fitness ‘events’ across these dates, each testing different aspects of their fitness. One workout, ‘The Devil’s Own’, called for competitors to complete 50 dumbell chest to overhead and 50 pull ups in the fastest possible time, another consisted of a mix of swimming and deck squats, while another measured athletes’ maximum weight for a clean and jerk.

Overall, there were 11 separate events over two weekends, throughout which competitors showed sheer strength, energy, grit and determination to hold their place in the rankings.

By the second weekend,the top 25 females and 52 males with the best accumulative scores across the events proceeded to Weekend 2.

With US CrossFit stars like Garret Fisher, Ryan Fischer and Daniel Petro taking part, as well as some of the finest UAE-based and regional athletes, it was set up to be an exciting and tight competition from the start in the men’s field. After 11 tough events, Dubai-based Tanner Shuck came out the 2014 overall winner of the Championship, following up on his third place finish in 2013, with Ajman-based CrossFit coach Mikko Aronpaa in second place and Anthony Monks from Abu Dhabi’s Yas CrossFitin third.

Abu Dhabi-based Elliot Simmonds, who gave an impressive performance throughout the competition and was consistently among the top of the men's leader board had to unfortunately withdraw from the competition before the last day due to a calf injury.

The ladies’ competition consisted of all local and regional athletes, including four Emirati competitors. New Zealander Jamie Greene, a coach at Yas CrossFit in Abu Dhabi, won first place overall, with 2012 champ Eva Clarke in second place and SHP Dubai’s Inger Houghton in third.

The overall championship prize money was 150,000Dhs for first place, 100,000Dhs for second and 50,000Dhs for third.

Although the overall winners were decided with the accumulative scores across all the events, each workout tested various areas of fitness allowing each athlete’s strengths to shine. Individually, each event carried prize money of 15,000Dhs, 10,000Dhs and 5,000Dhs for 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The final event was worth triple championship points and rightfully carried with it a greater prize pool: 45,000Dhs, 30,000Dhs and 15,000Dhs for 1,st 2nd and 3rd placing respectively. In contrast to the previous shorter events, it was a grueling hour-long workout routine consisting of 100 burpee box step overs, 100 deck squats, 100 frog sit ups, 100 kettlebell swings, 50 giant box overs, 800m sandbag run, 25 giant box step overs, 50 kettlebell swings, 50 frog sit ups, 50 deck squats and 50 burpee step overs. Phew! 2012 champs Eva Clarke and our very own FitnessLink co-founder Grant Goes took the top spots for the final event.

The Championship, now in its third year, is a spectacular display of fitness talent, strength, determination and a celebration of the local and international fitness community. For the athletes, it’s an incredible initiative to push new limits and be a part of a supportive, growing community, and for spectators and supporters it provides inspiration in the bucket loads. Just what the UAE needs!

The DFC sprint challenges, which take place on a weekly basis in Dubai, resume on the 10 October.

Overall 2014 Championship Winners



  • 1. Tanner Shuck
  • 2. Mikko Aronpaa
  • 3. Anthony Monks

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  • 1. Jamie Greene
  • 2. Eva Clarke
  • 3. Inger Houghton

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