Eat, Sleep, Burpee, Repeat (Minus the Sleep) for Eva and Lee

Eat, Sleep, Burpee, Repeat (Minus the Sleep) for Eva and Lee

Posted on Saturday, 10th Jan, 2015

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There was never really a question as to whether they would do it, but rather by how much. Dubai fitness trainers Lee Ryan and Eva Clarke today wrapped up a 24 hour burpee marathon in a quest to set a new world record for most Guinness World Record burpees in one minute knuckle pushups and 1 hour burpees for Eva and for both of them they set 12 and 24 hour records to raise funds for World Child Cancer. Not surprising to anyone, they surpassed the previous records in all categories.

Amidst the Hankook 24H race at Dubai Autodrome, Lee and Eva started at 10am on Friday until 10am on Saturday and burpee-d their way to the record books throughout the day and the cold night hours. Performing the ‘original’ burpee which does not require the chest-to-floor component, side-by-side they got their numbers in five-digit, record-breaking territory.

Eva broke the previous 24hr record which stood at 7501 burpees in only 8hrs 29mins, and went on to set a new one with 12,003 burpees. She also set a new one hour and 12 hour record, as well as a one minute push up and one hour burpee record at the start of the challenge with 70 knuckle pushups and 1272 burpees in one hour.

Lee Ryan broke the previous 12 hour world record (5731 burpees) in just 9 hours 5min, and went on to set a new 24 hour record of 10,110 burpees.

Friends and supporters of the pair joined in on the action every hour on the hour in teams or individually to perform sets of burpees over one hour.

Gravity Zone Bungee was on site offering adrenaline junkies the chance to bungee for only 100Dhs which was donated to the World Child Cancer foundation.

Congratulations Lee and Eva!

Grant Goes