HUA Fitness has been founded by Eva Clarke a former member from both the Australian Army and Airforce, ten time Guinness world record holder,Dual record holder,crossfit enthusiast,Brazilian Jiu jitsu competitor, ultra marathon runner and former body builder. The current regiment of HUA Fitness sessions available have been developed from the very foundation of Military fitness training. HUA Fitness is much more than just Military Boot camp, it is a diverse programming template formulated from the very foundation of getting troops both physically and mentally prepared for the unknown.

HUA Fitness caters for individual training needs by offering personal training for one on one or a small group of up to 4 clients.

HUA Fitness will also deliver fitness training to small individual groups, corporate groups and sporting teams of up to 40 personnel upon request.

HUA Fitness uses a number of Military training techniques and varied pieces of equipment to keep sessions intense, challenging, exciting and interactive.

HUA Fitness caters for all levels of fitness each session offers a structured environment in which to train catering for specific individual needs.

HUA Fitness will motivate you to get the best out of your sessions in helping you to achieve the best results that we know you are capable of.

HUA Fitness ethos is simple, develop a strong vessel on the outside and a stronger mind on the inside.Mental toughness is built on taking the body outside of its daily routine and shocking the system by training yourself outside of your comfort zone.

With HUA Fitness you can expect an intense workout that will not only challenge every muscle fibre within your body but push you to beyond your own expectations.

With HUA Fitness you can expect to receive a highly professional and structured workout from a legitimate Military fitness instructor.

                                     HUA Fitness founder Eva Clarke





is a combination of high-intensity aerobic and resistance training that has been designed to target fat loss, increase muscular strength,increase power output, increase endurance, improve stamina and cardiovascular fitness. HUA X training is designed with various exercise's both compound and isolated along with cardio prescriptions, HUA X training will incorporate various sets, reps or allocated times for each designated session. HUA X training is a solid workout that will work the entire body with varied intensity and minimal rest, HUA X training enforces active recovery which allows consecutive work to be done with high and low intensity exercises it is also designed to be competitive and fun.


Is a program where we place a huge emphasis on compound exercises, the number of exercises is generally varied it is prescribed to allow for progression and overload,exercises are evenly balanced and either prescribed for primary and or secondary muscle groups that hit the whole body in one single movement over a two or more joints. HUA Strength/Power uses exercises that are both basic and complex with natural functional movement patterns, in HUA Strength/Power training you will either get a prescription of one or a combination of relative or load bearing exercises including pushups, pull-ups, squats, bur-pees, bodybuilding based exercises and olympic lifts. The exercises selected for strength and power will be varied by speed, rep's, sets and time to determine the HUA fitness intent wether that be just a strength or power session or a combination of both .


are the foundation skills that provide the platform for most physical tasks. HUA ABC training or practice skills should be undertaken by all individuals irrespective of playing sports or just for general fitness conditioning. HUA ABC focuses on a range of skills including stopping, cutting and turning, and jumping and landing in all their variations. Individuals with advanced motor skills have an enhanced ability to generate muscular tension, a better understanding of correct technique and developed perception skills. Consequently, at the instant the body may be twisting or turning against its normal ROM, injury can often be avoided or decreased in its seriousness due to developed ABC function. The benefits are that HUA ABC will have  that it will enhance personal movement awareness and improve the ability to produce a greater sense of control when conducting fast dynamic movements.


is a progressive, specific and realistic endurance training program that will enhance an individuals physiological and psychological fatigue in a controlled fitness environment. The outcome will be adaptation and management of mental and physical stresses the HUA aim is developing the will to survive and the will to fight and to win, regardless of any physical hardship. HUA endurance will encourage individuals to take pride in their toughness and ability to with stand long periods of both physical and mental stress. Activities include relative and strength based exercises conducted in a prolonged time frame such sessions have included the following 60 minute max distance tyre flip,vehicle push or pull for distance, 1 km walk lunge, equipment carry, 100-500 consecutive bur-pees, max pushups, squats or sit-ups in 40 mins. Exercise prescription and session selection will be tailored to each individuals needs and physical tolerances.


training focuses on training methodologies that improve the anaerobic/aerobic processes of the body, HUA Cardio will improve and develop physical performance in anaerobic/aerobic relevant activities. Explosive sprinting,intervals,fartlek,middle distance, long-distance running,swimming intervals and various distances,cycling, jumping drills, agility drills,power drills are all components that HUA Cardio will implement to develop a stronger cardiovascular output and the improve the participants aerobic capacity . It lays the foundation for further physical development and forms the nucleus of physical fitness program.


The aim of HUA flexibility training is to increase functional ROM to improve technique in activities such as lifting and to help prevent injury. Flexibility can be defined as the ability of a joint or group of joints to move fluidly through the range of motion required. The important element of this definition to note is ‘range of motion required’; as being over flexible or hyper mobile at a joint can result in instability and can contribute to injury. HUA Flexibility promotes stretching, yoga,trigger point massage and the use of bands and suspension trainers to aid in enhancing flexibility.